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Kagrra, Fanfiction
recent adventures 
20th-Sep-2012 12:16 am - Autumn Has Begun, Candies (oneshots)
carpe diem
Title: Candies
Characters: Nao, Izumi
Genre: humor, fluff, friendship-fic
Rating: Gen
Synopsis: One random afternoon in a park, Nao picks five pieces of candies that takes him back to a fond memory of the past.

Title: Autumn Has Begun
Genre: musings, (slight) angst
Rating: Gen

It's been a while since I last contributed a story, so here are two to make-up for the absence.
We ought to keep this community alive. :)

Title: And Then I Crossed The Sanzu River {Dedicated to Isshi of Kagrra,}
Authoress: himenojigoku
Chapters: One-shot
Rating: M
Pairing: None
Genre: Supernatural,Lament,Introspective,Tragedy
Warnings: Isshi’s Death, Demon marking, un-beta-ed
Summary: And it was seven days after. After he watched his family and friends cry over him, after he watched the monks pray over him, after they scattered his ashes near the cherry blossom trees, that he appeared at the Sanzu River.
Comments: I don’t know, but for some reason I just needed to write this. No one has to read it but, I wanted to share. No, I’m not speculating how he died or anything. I’m writing what I think happened in the After Life and it turned out weirder than I thought. :P It’s based on what little I know of Buddhist/Shinto religion, Japanese folklore/mythology and what I googled on Sanzu River. Hopefully I’m right and he’s happy in the afterlife :) Plus it’s a supernatural story, lot’s of unbelievable stuff happens. On a side note, listen to Jigoku Shoujo OSTs^^

He was exhausted to say the least.Collapse )

Thank you Isshi! :’) You were a beautiful human being and your music lives on in the hearts of many!


Title: Brilliant Timing
Author: tsumetaikaze
Band/Pairing: Reita/Nao [GazettE/Kagrra,]
Genre: Humour, fluff, trickery
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None (random cameos by various PSC members).
Disclaimer: HAH! Nice one. No.
Summary: Reita’s trying to tell him something. Everyone keeps interrupting. Nao gets paranoid and just a little freaked. It’s time for drastic measures.
Notes: All right I’ve had this for at least two years now, and I just never got around to posting it. Cleaning out my writing folder, found this, and I umm'ed and aah'ed about posting, but here it is. It’s a companion piece to my other PSC-related works (if anyone remembers them D:), but no issues if you haven’t read them - they only link together in terms of who is paired with who. Written while PSC was still as it was two years ago. I mean no disrespect or offence to anyone it may affect. Beta’d yonks ago by _yoki_. A seriously belated thank you, again!

"Car games just aren't your forte, obviously..." )
Title: Surprise, surprise
Band/Pairing(s): [the GazettE, Kagrra,] Aoi x Shin
Chapters: Oneshot
Author: _yoki_
Genre: A little angst, a little fluff
Warnings: Male/Male pairing
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: No, I don't.
Summary: The house is dark, and gives Aoi reason for concern.
Comments: I HAVE RETURNED! Also, this is unnbeta-ed, so please forgive me. It has been a while. Please read and review <3

the younger man hadn't been the same
10th-Sep-2011 11:37 am - Nao x Shin - Summer love - oneshot
Title: Summer love
Chapter: 1/1
Author: [info]granitemouth
Pairing: Nao x Shin (Kagrra, / PLAYERS)
Genre: fluff
Rating: G
Warning: none.
Summary: It was heat, kimchi and Nao in front of Shin one random summer day.
Notes: It's been a while since I last wrote a Kagrra, fic, so here's one. My writing is kinda rusty now but whattheheck. Happy birthday, Shinpei! And dedicated to [info]angelicoma too, for her birthday!

To all this, Shin simply stared at the other man with a blank expression.
18th-Aug-2011 02:17 am(no subject)
angelicoma 001 - satsuki -
Title: Cause I am. (FANART)
Artist: angelicoma 
Pairings: None. Shin-centric. 
Rating: G
Comment: Here's to brighten up the mood of everybody. Kekeke :)

( Cause he's Invisible and Invincible. )
13th-Jul-2011 06:34 pm(no subject)
♔ night lights
AUTHOR: chromesynth at deliverfiction
NOTES: Hello, kagrrafic, I come bearing... drabbles.

CHAPTER: drabble
GENRE: romance
PAIRING: Nao/Shin - ex. Kagrra, PLAYERS
SUMMARY: Shin dreams of forests and fogs.
COMMENTS: For amlui.
Right, internet.

CHAPTER: drabble
GENRE: general, romance
WARNINGS: none (just minor swearing ahoy)
PAIRING: Nao/Shin - ex. Kagrra, PLAYERS
SUMMARY: Conception of PLAYERS.
COMMENTS: For granitemouth. The title, Idek.
12th-Jul-2011 11:56 pm - GEOMETRY Nao/Shin [Drabble]
asahi super dry
Title: Geometry
Author: asahisuperdry
Pairing: Nao/Shin (ex. Kagrra, PLAYERS)
Rating: PG, Romance
Disclaimer: Pffffffffft.
Summary: After the entrance of their other bandmates, Shin would walk up to Nao and whisper how silly he is. He can only smile as he walks back to his spot, his thoughts earlier inside the dressing room leaving him completely.

11th-Jul-2011 11:18 am - Of slight revelations (oneshot)
Title: Of slight revelations
Pairing: Nao x Shin (Kagrra, / PLAYERS)
Genre: general musing, hint of romance
Rating: G
Disclaimer: them. mine. not.
Synopsis: The day appeared sunnier than other days and the sky was pinkish.
Note: On the contrary, I got the idea today, while I was smoking and getting wet by the rain. Nonetheless, nonetheless. *winkwink*

It was not too different of a day than others, though he put on more cologne than usual after doing his hair.

PAIRINGS: implied IsshixNao
GENRE: slice of life
WARNINGS: slightly angsty Nao
DISCLAIMER: The author has no connections to the mentioned artists; this is a work of fiction.

A/N: I wanted to write a bit of something about the unexpected line-up for PLAYERS, Nao and Shin's new session project/thinggy/whatever it is the guys have formed :D I don't mind tho, I'm ridiculously glad to have Nao back♥

SUMMARY: Nao finds Isshi's solo project upsetting.

It was stupid, really, he knew it -his reasons for drinking and pouting were childish at best, ridiculous at worst, but he couldn't help feeling like he did.
27th-Apr-2011 04:07 pm - IsshixAkiya - One-Shot - 5:am
title: 5:am
author: paranoiascape
pairing: Isshi x Akiya
rating: G/PG
genre: Isshi
warnings: none I’m aware of besides english not being my first language
disclaimer: though I think it would be so much better for everyone if I would I don’t
summary: Superhero Isshi comes to the rescue early in the morning. Unfortunately nobody needs him.
authors comment: written back then when Kagrra, still existed…the pairing was created for challenging purposes. It came out of nowhere and goes nowhere. Maybe it’s also illogical. So enjoy !

23rd-Mar-2011 04:20 am - Nao x Shin oneshots

Title: Puzzled
Genre: general, musing
Rating: G
Warning/s: none.
Disclaimer: them. mine. not.
Synopsis: Nao wasn't ready for that confession.
Comment: An old idea as to why in Kagrra no Su episode 75, siberianclawsangelicoma  and I wondered why Nao seemed somehow unfocused, thus his lost. (Lol, title wut.)

I like you, Naoran.

Title: Beyond nerves and words
Genre: a little bit of fluff and angst
Rating: G
Warning/s: none
Disclaimer: them. mine. not.
Synopsis: Shin had something to say to Nao.
Comment: A companion piece to Puzzled. Shin's point of view and still stemming from what-if behind the scene events of Kagrra, no Su episode 75 (My synopsis powers is beyond...urgh. Sorry.)

"Maybe you're asking why now, why only now or why I have to say it in the first place. Or why it's me whose saying this. But..."

18th-Mar-2011 08:38 am - Convergence, Akiya/Shin oneshot
Title: Convergence
Author: danneoluna 
Rating: PG-15 for implied sex
Genre: Romance, fluff, minor angst
Warning:  male/male pairing
Disclaimer: Stop reminding me that I don't own them >_<
Summary: Akiya loves to make Shin lose his composure.
A/N: My first post here ^-^ I actually wrote it some time ago, but only now I thought about posting it here. Enjoy!

Shin lets him do this every time
Title: Utakata
Authorsilveryxdark @ arcoireis 
Rating: PG/PG-13?
Genre: Romance, fluff, minor angst
Warning: Manxman, possible romantic cliches etc.
Disclaimer: I will never own them. D:
Summary: Life is ephemeral and seasons continue their stately march. Time passes by, waiting for no one, but Shin waits.
A/N: Finally, it's done. As always, dedicated to granitemouth <3


( Fuyu. )
28th-Feb-2011 05:14 pm - Trials || NaoxShin || 2/?
Trials || Kagrra, || 2/?
Title: Trials
Author: _yoki_
Band: Kagrra,
Pairing: Nao/Shin
Chapters: 2/?
Genre: fluff
Warnings: male/male pairing
Rating: PG13 for now
Summary: Nao is not happy about his new roommate.
Disclaimer: No, I don't.
Comments: I haven't really seen a oneshot or multi-chaptered fic of this nature before, so I thought I'd try it. I got inspired by a few old RP logs I have, and an interview I swear I remember Nao and/or Shin having said that they live together. Also, their real names are used briefly for the time being, because in Japanese culture it's natural to address someone by their surname, especially when you don't know the person well at all. For those interested, the full names (and their birthdates—complete with year) are after the fic itself. Please keep in mind that these are the names I've come to know over the years, but I cannot guarantee their authenticity.

maybe a little squishy
8th-Nov-2010 11:15 pm - Trials || NaoxShin || 1/?
Title: Trials
Author: _yoki_
Band: Kagrra,
Pairing: Nao/Shin
Chapters: 1/?
Genre: fluff
Warnings: male/male pairing
Rating: PG13 for now
Summary: Nao is not happy about his new roommate.
Disclaimer: No, I don't.
Comments: I haven't really seen a oneshot or multi-chaptered fic of this nature before, so I thought I'd try it. I got inspired by a few old RP logs I have, and an interview I swear I remember Nao and/or Shin having said that they live together.

he's so dark!
5th-Nov-2010 12:39 pm - label it, love.
Title : label it, love.
Chapter : 1/1
Author : granitemouth 
Rating : G
Warnings : none.
Pairings : Nao / Shin (Kagrra,)
Disclaimers : them. mine. not.
Synopsis: It was not really much of secret nor a theory that opposites attract; a gender-free fact.

He shrugs, maybe love.
Taoris. Love x Love
Title: Say Yes. Say Yes.
Author: paranoiascreams
Chapters: oneshot
Genre: fluff
Pairing: izumi x nao (or vice versa, idek)
Rating: PG - 13
Warning: unbeta'd
Words: 1152
Disclaimer: Story, mine. Kagrra, never.
Summary: Nao wants to go back to Hokkaido, Izumi says No.
Comments: For granitemouth.

Yes. For work. )
9th-Oct-2010 09:39 am - Tease
Title - Tease
Author -  ortsi 
Beta - mendacity_x 
Genre - Humor, Romance
Pairing - NaoxAkiya
Disclaimers - I do not own them.
Summary - When joke goes too far

9th-Oct-2010 09:35 am - The big small deal
Title - The big small deal
Author -  ortsi
Genre - Fluff
Rating - PG
Pairing - NaoxAkiya
Band - Kagrra,
Disclaimers - I do not own them.
Summary - After live Akiya didn't said much and Nao wanted to do something

the big small deal
1st-Oct-2010 07:03 pm - [ByouxNao] "Dirty", one-shot
eita//loving you asshole

Characters/pairings: Byou (SCREW) x Nao (Kagrra,)
Rating: PG13ish
Genre: humor

A/N: The chaptered stories are making my head tired with all the character development and plot problems, so, instead, I wrote something silly and dorky with naked Byou; inspired by huffy_chan. Enjoy!

Summary: Byou doesn't find his toothbrush.

Word count: 476

Byou, stark naked, like he always was in the mornings before he had to leave the apartment and be socially eligible, stood in the bathroom, sleepily rummaging around in the cupboard above the sink.
eita//loving you asshole

BANDS: Kagrra,, SCREW, Alice Nine
PAIRINGS: Nao x Isshi, Nao x Byou, others
GENRE: humor, romance, AU

A/N: The third chappie, yo, introducing Izumi. As always, comments and criticism are loved and appreciated :)

SUMMARY: After the night out with Isshi, Nao stumbles home. But, to his roommate's surprise, he isn't upset at all about the sudden change of his date -quite the contrary, actually. Meanwhile, Byou's stuck at work. The night takes a turn for better as there's an unexpected visit from a friend.

The simple lamp on the ceiling blinked a few times before it flickered on, spreading warm yellow light into the tiny one-room flat. A lump of blanket and black hair lay on the floor, only a meter or two away from where Nao was standing.
11th-Sep-2010 09:35 pm - Utakata [Transience] - NaoxShin - 3/4
Title: Utakata
Author: silveryxdark  @ arcoireis
Rating: PG/PG-13?
Genre: Romance, fluff, minor angst
Warning: Manxman, possible romantic cliches etc.
Disclaimer: I will never own them. D:
Summary: Life is ephemeral and seasons continue their stately march. Time passes by, waiting for no one, but Shin waits.
A/N: Oh my god. I know it has been moooonths since I updated but I hope this story hasn't been forgotten. And it's Shin's birthday today so I thought I just HAD to update this today. XD I hope you like it as always. <3 As always, dedicated to granitemouth <3


Aki. )
25th-Aug-2010 05:24 pm - Nao falls in love x3
eita//loving you asshole
I signed up for Nao in 10_encounters over a year ago. However, as it often is with me, I didn't manage to complete the challenge during the given timespan. The challenge's idea is to pick a character and pair him/her up with 10 different persons. Well, I still like the idea, so today I'm posting some of the stories that I planned to write for the challenge. I've been working on them in the past few days, and even though they're absolutely retarded, I like this little series :) You can read them intependently, or you can read them in the order of posting to see the "plot" evolve. Most of them have an open ending because originally, I was planning to write independent sequels to some of them. Enjoy♥

Previous parts:


PAIRING: Nao (Kagrra,) x Hiko (Danger Gang)
GENRE: humor, het

A/N: Hey, I was running out of potential males. Thus, this plot ensued. (I know how Japanese the language functions, with the different terms for 'I' depending on speaker's gender, etc, so yeah, it would be impossible for something like this to really happen.)

SUMMARY: Nao has a new girlfriend. But, apparently, he doesn't know it yet.

"She's very pretty," Shin mustered up enough courage to mumble.


PAIRING: Nao (Kagrra,) x Tatsurou (MUCC)
GENRE: humor

A/N: I'm starting to realize these "shorties" make no sense whatsoever, lol. Well, enjoy anyway. Getting tortured in this piece: Tatchan.

SUMMARY: Nao. Jack in the Box. Karasu. Yeah, that's... a lot of problems.

His bright red eyes shone from his otherwise sickly gray face like a pair of demonic albino bunny eyes.


PAIRING: Nao (Kagrra,) x Tora (Alice Nine)
GENRE: humor

A/N: Being Nao ain't easy. This is the fifth installment of my loose "series" of Naoran and his fantastic ability to fall in love in the blink of an eye.

SUMMARY: Nao kisses the wrong guy -or more like, the wrong guy lets Nao kiss himself- and a catastrophe ensues.

Akiya, then again, was more on the cynical side. "You've heard him say it -he likes pretty boys. No offence but Tora really isn't what I'd call pretty."